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The Blend Recipes

There's an alchemy to making a Daneson. There are no fats or sugars that typically protect and fortify the essential oils you'd find in something akin to a peppermint candy. Rather, we go to great lengths to source and use real essential oils, real spirits, and we continually refine the process behind what makes a Daneson. 


Cinna Mint No.7 Botanical

Cinna Mint No.7

Cinna Mint No.7 is a warm and spicy classic that is welcoming. This is a timeless recipe, sweetened with a touch of peppermint and a note of clove.

Our blends are made with only the best extracts and essential oils. In this instance, a blend of cassia bark and Cinnamomum leaf extracts that are rounded out with a touch of peppermint and mellow mint varieties.

The exotic providence and subsequent high expense the ingredients in this recipe make it one of our more expensive creations. 


Mint No.9

Worked on and refined for over two years, our Mint No.9 includes a menagerie of mint varieties and pleasing ingredients like wintergreen, peppermint, sweet fennel, juniper, and several other natural oils.

No.9 is a creation that was well worth the effort - this recipe is one of our most popular, robust, and long-lasting blends. More than once, a connoisseur has written to tell us how a No.9 lasted a day or more.


Atlas Mint No.43

Atlas Mint is a balanced, spearmint-forward blend with sweeter notes on the top and a cool, refreshing peppermint finish.

What began as a brief detour into the mountains of Morrocco led to an adventure navigating a Fiat Uno along donkey tracks, and into the welcoming homes of Bedouins.

Sitting on hand-woven rugs with the gift of mint tea, was where Atlas Mint No.43 was born.


Single Malt No.16

Whisky Botanical

Fourteen-year-old Islay scotch whisky imbued with notes of oak tannins, peat, almond, and vanilla. Give this a minute and a gentle chew to release the flavors seated deep in the wood.

If these Daneson’s taste like wood at first glance - don’t be surprised. Whisky is fundamentally a spirit imbued with resins and oils leached from the oak barrel it’s aged in.

If you give it a minute and a gentle bite, the essence of the spirit - the botanicals, extracts, and phenols - will start to release from deep inside the birch, rewarding you with delicate and delicious tasting notes.


Bourbon No.22

Steeped in six-year-old cask-strength Kentucky straight bourbon. Expect notes of oak, leather, caramel, almond, and hints of fruit once this toothpick is warmed up.

Like our Single Malt No. 16's, if these Danson's taste like wood at first - don't be surprised. Whisky is fundamentally a spirit imbued with resins and oils leached from the oak barrel it's aged in.

How long a bourbon is aged and the providence of a barrel is second only to the yeast strain used to make a bourbon. We've teased out the tasting notes that blow our hair back; it should do the same for you.