Lemon Nº 11

A subtle hint of lemon rind soaked in gin was what inspired our refreshing lemon toothpick.  It’s taken three years to develop this blend - balancing the acidic bite of California’s Meyer lemons with the aromatics of juniper and evergreen.

As a general rule we like to under-promise and over-deliver - with this in mind each bottle has a minimum of a dozen toothpicks.

Lemon - a citrus genus of flowering plants, distinct in the way it’s berry is divided into segments - originated in tropical and subtropical southeast Asia.  Commonly used in juices, as garnishes in drinks, or squeezed over meats and salads, Lemon is also high in vitamin C and often used in tonics as digestive aids, to boost the immune system and to promote skin health.

Traditional blends are made with authentic extracts and essential oils. What may seem like a simple flavour, such as Mint, is actually a blend of natural oils including juniper, sweet fennel and honey suckle, blended to strike a balanced sapidity.

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