Ginger Honey Nº 20

Raw ginger’s potency is a challenge to tame, so we matched it with a touch of honey to create Ginger Honey No.20. This blend carries earthy - medicinal - textures, mellowed in honey that leave cleansing notes on the pallet.

As a general rule we like to under-promise and over-deliver - with this in mind, each bottle has a minimum of a dozen toothpicks.

Ginger is the common name for Zingiber officinale, a perennial plant, most noted for its underground, horizontal stem or root.  Commonly used to flavour drinks (Ginger Ale & Middle Eastern Coffees) and candies, or as a spice in Asian and south Asian cuisine, Ginger is also a well known digestive aid and may even reduce inflammation and help fight heart disease.

Traditional blends are made with authentic extracts and essential oils. What may seem like a simple flavour, such as Mint, is actually a blend of natural oils including juniper, sweet fennel and honey suckle, blended to strike a balanced sapidity.

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