“Daneson has turned the humble toothpick into a thing of beauty, and a joy for the discerning palate.”

- Mercedes-Benz Magazine -

It’s easy to mix and match different blends with our new 2-Packs. Each pack is a pairing of two flavors that go together like peas in a pod.

From $14.00

A promise made good - with two bottles of Single Malt No. 16 and two bottles of Bourbon No.22 the Combo 4-Pack is here.


Our Finger Leather Cases add a further touch of respectability to your Daneson's. Each case ships with one or two bottles of toothpicks.

From $50.00

Kim D., Sherwood Park Alberta

"...My husband was blown away – he kept saying Wow, These are unbelievable. I think you’ve made a customer for life.”

Luke, London UK

"...A mate has slipped me a couple of your whisky toothpicks back here in London. They’re amazing."

Corey S., Cape Coral, Florida

"I've been using toothpicks regularly for over fifteen years and am very pleased someone has finally offered picks of this quality and take their product seriously."