A- Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use a Daneson?

Burnt tip out with a few gentle bites on the wood. This is how you'll begin to release the botanicals, phenols, and oils trapped in the cellulose of the wood. We use real ingredients so it can take a little time for these ingredients to work their way to your taste buds. Don’t expect explosions of flavour akin to artificially flavoured confectioneries. Expect real tasting notes bearing in mind we’ve found a way of getting these stuck into the grain of the wood.


Why is the flavor so mild?

To help unlock the botanicals and oils confined in the birch cellulose, please give your toothpick a gentle bite or two and give it a minute to warm up in the mouth. We use real natural ingredients so it can take a little time for the flavor to work its way to your taste buds. Don’t expect explosions of flavour akin to artificially flavoured candies and toothpicks.

With our spirit-based toothpicks - bare in mind that shortly after bottling our toothpicks the hair-lip inducing taste of the alcohol will have flashed away. What is left behind are the mellow phenols and cask attributes of the booze. These are easily the most difficult toothpicks we make and the recipes that benefit the most from a gentle chew and time drawing out the heart of the ingredients.


Should the Daneson black tip point in or out?

Daneson's are designed to be enjoyed with the burnt tip out.


Why do you bill in USD as a Canadian company?

There are a couple of reasons why we only sell online in USD. The biggest reason being we formerly had a Daneson.CA site that was in CAD but, even with redirects for Canadian IP addresses, most of our Canadian customers went out of their way to buy on the USD .com site. The other is that, because a good deal of our materials are bought from American suppliers who charge us in USD, it helps us to sell in USD. If you'd like to buy in CAD, we would recommend sourcing our product from a Canadian retailer near you.


Why is one end of the toothpick seared?

Our toothpicks are seared in our production process. It also distinguishes a Daneson from the average toothpick. When you use a Daneson, we recommend having the seared tip facing outwards.


Can I mix-and-match the blends I want?

As our products are pre-packaged and shipped to our respective distribution centres, we do not currently have the ability to mix-and-match packs or cases.


I placed an order for pick-up, when will it be ready?

Orders are typically ready 1 business day after your order is placed. Once you've received our shipping confirmation email, that means it's ready for pick-up.


The blends are not as strong as I expected, why is that?

In regards to our flavors - we do our best to make it clear that, because we only use all-natural flavoring, the tasting notes are often much more subtle than if we were to use artificial chemicals in our infusion process. We hope you understand our ethos in being an all-natural product.

Painstaking to capture in a sliver of wood, our Select blends are made with premium spirits, in a process unique to Daneson, that flashes away the alcohol leaving behind the essence of a spirit - botanicals, extracts and phenols - deep in the birch wood fibers.

Like all good things made with real ingredients, your toothpicks will taste best if enjoyed promptly, give or take a couple of weeks, from the time of popping the cork.

Furthermore, once the cork has been popped, much like a bottle of wine, an oxidization process begins to slowly mellow the flavor.  This oxidization does not spoil your toothpicks but, over time, will make your lumber less tasty. 

All that said, feel free to contact us at contact [at] daneson [dot] com if you are unhappy with your purchase as we typically do not receive back opened products as per our return policy (displayed at the checkout). We appreciate you taking the time to try our product and value your feedback greatly.


Do you ship outside of North America?

Yes, we ship worldwide via USPS International service. Please refer to our shipping page for more information.


Are there any stores in my area that carry Daneson?

Yes, please refer to our Retailers page here to find a retailer in your area


Does Daneson offer Military discounts?

Yes, please send us an email at contact [at] daneson [dot] com to receive your Military discount code.


Does Daneson offer samples?

Unfortunately, at the moment we're unable to offer sample packs given the small-batch nature of the business. If any of the blends interest you in specific, we'd be more than happy to explain them in further detail in order to help you pick out the right one. As we use natural ingredients in the flavouring process, you'll find more subtlety in taste but they will always be very true to how we've described them in the product descriptions.