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#ThoseWhoCan - Drew McIver

In six years we've never 'targeted a market' or put a face to Daneson. We put our toothpicks out there and waited to see who would come out of the woodwork.

The one thing learned from this is - only a few have the attitude and grace to pull off a toothpick. 

The who of Daneson, our customers, are those who can - those who can swing a toothpick. 

This is Drew - a stealthy entrepreneur who only does good work with good people. Founder of Emerald Grasslands, a grass-fed organic jersey butter and dairy brand, Drew is changing the game bringing a superior product to market with sustainable practices and regeneratively produced Canadian milk. 

Daneson Toothpicks #ThoseWhoCan Drew McIverDaneson Toothpicks #ThoseWhoCan Drew McIverDaneson Toothpicks #ThoseWhoCan Drew McIverDaneson Toothpicks #ThoseWhoCan Drew McIver


How do you push through your worst times?
I try to take a step back and surround myself with the people I love most, in the places I love most. This helps keep everything in perspective.

What was the last picture you took with your phone?
A picture of anorange, mandarin and sweet-lemon seeds I saved from fruit I picked in Nicaragua.

If you were a place, what would you be and why?
I’d be a beach where mountains and ocean meet - surrounded by the ultimate beauty and power of our planet.



Photo by Alex Browne ; makeup by Linda Radan.