#ThoseWhoCan - Courtney Eastman

This is Courtney - senior sales specialist and visual merchandiser for Uncle Otis, a men's fashion boutique in Toronto. His style is inspired by such characters as James Dean, Steve McQueen and Clint Eastwood - effortlessly cool.

#ThoseWhoCan - Drew McIver

This is Drew - founder of Emerald Grasslands and a stealthy entrepreneur who only does good work with good people.


This is Michelle - a Toronto-based interior decorator known for creating beautiful white spaces. Partner in Lloyd Ralph Design.


This is Adi - only truly content when he's on the soccer field. 

#ThoseWhoCan - Christina Cheng

This is Christina - Social media strategist, digital content producer, multimedia storyteller and avid blogger. 


There are two things about Daneson that seem at odds.  On the one hand, we identify with a life out of doors and the good things it brings.