Daneson Toothpicks The Naturals

The Naturals... 

The list of those who can pull off a toothpick is long and illustrious.  It’s inhabited by characters like George Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Robert Pattinson, Kanye West, Matt George, Dusty Baker, 50 Cent, Ronnie Fieg, Lindsay Lohan, Tom Harrow, John Cusack, Mark Ronson, P Diddy, and, bless his soul, Paul Newman.  Even your badass Grampa is on the list.  

Let me be clear.  I’m not sure if even one of these characters has tried a Daneson, this isn’t an endorsement, but evidently, they like toothpicks.    

And granted, some of these characters fall into a rebellious category - thank god.  However, most are just good at who they are.

So think about it.    

Are you a natural?